• Prices are from £300 for 30 x 30 cm, depending on size and complexity.


Originals and commissions - materials

I work from photos, which should be well lit, preferably taken outside on a bright but not too sunny day, and in focus. A range of  options is best. I suggest the option I think will work best, but final  choice is yours.  When the draft is complete, I'll send you a lowish resolution image to make sure you're happy before I complete the drawing, at which point you pay me 50% of the cost.  I'll send you another lowish resolution image of the final image when complete, and the remainder of the payment is then due.  Once that is received I will send the drawing. Postage and package is free.  Payment for commissions is non-refundable.

To produce my original ink drawings I use black, photo-stable, waterproof Indian ink, in a maximum of 4 pen nib sizes, on white, acid free, either heavy weight cartridge or watercolour paper. The individual dot texture is sharp and clearly visible in original drawings, and large areas of ink are textured giving 'depth' rather than 'flat' as they appear in the scanned images in this website.  I usually keep some light pencil lines visible.

I can digitally add background colour to a scan of the original if required.  This looks particularly good if you choose to have your image printed onto a glass splashback, and can help pull your kitchen decor together.  

I retain the copyright to all originals, commissions, prints and copies of my drawings.

Please contact me to buy anything on my site or commission a drawing or two!!

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